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New Unique Accumulative Margin Call Bonus Will Aid NordFX Traders in Tough Situations

Grand News Network | February 23, 2024

Port Vila, Vanuatu, Vanuatu, 23rd Feb 2024, King NewsWireStarting from February 20, 2024, NordFX brokerage firm clients have been given the opportunity to participate in the accumulative bonus program, Margin Call Bonus. The purpose of this absolutely unique program is to provide traders with funds to maintain their open positions and continue trading in the event of a Margin Call on their account.

New Unique Accumulative Margin Call Bonus Will Aid NordFX Traders in Tough Situations


No one is immune to mistakes, and at some point, even the most experienced trader may receive a notification that there might not be enough funds in their account to maintain open trading positions. To avoid a disaster, they need to urgently replenish their deposit, or their positions will be forcibly closed, resulting in losses.

Previously, traders faced with this situation had two painful options: either accept the losses or urgently find additional funds. This is why a Margin Call is rightfully considered one of the biggest fears for traders. Now, NordFX clients have a “cure for fear”, the Margin Call Bonus: a painless way to navigate out of a difficult situation.

The uniqueness of this bonus lies in the fact that traders earn bonus funds themselves: the more actively they deposit and trade, the larger the bonus they can receive. The bonus amount is automatically calculated based on the trading volume (in lots) executed in their account before a Margin Call occurs.

For detailed information on the bonus rules, please visit the Margin Call Bonus page. Registering for the program and requesting the bonus credit is very straightforward and can be done in the NordFX Trader’s Cabinet.



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